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Coaches know that time is important, either during an athletic period or during a practice period.  Coaches also know that doing something right is worth the time.

With Texas Senate Bill 82, which was signed into law in June 2007, we know that your coaches will want to take that same approach.  Let's do this right and get on to coaching! 

Texas Senate Bill 82 (SB82) states the following:

  A school district shall provide training to students participating in an extracurricular athletic activity related to:
(1)  recognizing the symptoms of injuries described by Subsection (c)(2)(D); and
(2)  the risks of using dietary supplements designed to enhance or marketed as enhancing athletic performance.
(e)  The safety training program and the training under Subsection (d) may each be conducted by a school or school district or by an organization described by Subsection (c)(1).

Big Gus Media, LLC, owner of the web site AT has taken the time to help your coaching staff train your student athletes with the required PowerPoint material in less then a single athletic period.

We understand that the words in this PowerPoint are too involved for high school or junior high school students to pronounce.  Many of the words are hard for adults to pronounce.  We have used Licensed Athletic Trainers to narrate the entire program and placed that narration into a single web page along with the 40 PowerPoint slides.  Now all you have to do is gather up the kids, login and complete one team at a time with a single computer and overhead projector with sound or grab as many teams as you can fit into your auditorium!  The program is also to be started at any slide on the program.  This means if your are interrupted by a fire drill you are able to start where you left the room.  This allows staff members to be more effective with their time.

This program is great for a rain delay in practice.  Use it after film study on a Saturday!  You will back on the field in no time. 

We have included in our files a sign in sheet that the students will fill out and one of the coaches signs as a witness that your team and staff are following the laws of Texas.

Click on the link below to view the sample file.  The sample files is only 2 minutes of the 33 minutes that the entire program takes.  The link will open a new window so at the completion of the file, just close that window and use the purchase link to purchase the complete program for only $99.95 for the year.  This program will reset on May 30, 2011, so you will have the entire year to make sure that all of your sports will be trained and your move ins are covered.  We also believe in loyalty.  Out Loyalty Program states that if you have purchased our program at a lower price previously (Coupons NOT Included), than as long as your renew your subscription you will never see an increase in price.

Since we know coaches and schools, we have made purchasing the program simple.  If you would like you can order by credit card and start training immediately or sign up and fax us a purchase order to 281-271-8423 . 

Big Gus Media, LLC looks forward to keeping your staff in compliance with the laws of Texas while providing a quality product to train all of your High School and Junior High School athletes at an affordable price.



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