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Make yourself STAND OUT from the rest of the candidates!!  Order a CD that will open automatically as the prospective employer places it in their CD-ROM.  Your information will be crisp, clean, and your innovative approach of sending your résumé will be noticed!!  For as little as $19.99 you will receive TEN CDs with your résumé and references.  We suggest  you include any other material that might make you stand out.  This might be your rehab protocol sheet or your own forms that you have created.  For as little as $29.99 we will set up a directory on AT Placement and place your information online where you can include the web address in an email and have your information online to share with the entire interview committee.  Your CDs will have your address and contact numbers as well as a photo of yourself if you wish!  Another way AT Placement is working hard for you to get that position that you desire!

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Upload your résumé to our site, don't spend hours using the copy and paste method into a format the does not show your creativity!  You can use our site to load your Word document (.doc), or your Adobe Acrobat format (. pdf) résumé for prospective employers to view.  You can do this ALL for FREE!


You need an athletic trainer.  You are TIRED of sites that constantly charge you hundreds of dollars for each time you need to post a placement notice?  Would you like a FREE solution to your staffing needs?  We are your place!  We will work hard to get your placement notice out to prospective candidates!.