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Who are we?

AT Placement is solely owned and operated by Richard G. Davis, who is also an athletic trainer.  Not only am I an athletic trainer, but am also the son of NATA Hall of Fame member, Otho Davis.

I have been exposed to the profession of athletic training from the first day on this Earth, and believe that the athletic trainer works too hard to be underpaid, over taxed with dues, and under appreciated.

The National Association has been charging it's members a dues fee for many years.  If one did not pay his or her dues then one could not enter the members area of their web site.  To me, this shows that the placement site on their web site was already a pay site.

When the national association began to charge to place a placement notice on their web site, many issues were not disclosed.  Those issues made me decide that the athletic trainer and the employer NEEDS to be able to find a place to work without having to pay more of their hard earned dollars.  By the way, the amount the national association pays to maintain their placement site is more then most athletic trainers make when entering the work place.

Because that athletic trainer needs a friend, someone that is willing to step out on the ledge and give a better alternative, AT Placement will continue to be FREE for the athletic trainer to use.


About Me

I have been an athletic trainer in most arenas.

I believe that the athletic trainer is the most important person in any successful athletic program.

This site is made to keep the athletic trainer from having to answer to only one web site for their placement needs.

Out site will continue to improve as the number of visitors increase.

Good luck with your search!